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Mar 2021

Gary Edward Barg, Editor-in-Chief interviews Ryan Herd, Founder and CEO of Caregiver Smart Solutions

Gary Edward Barg, Editor-in-Chief interviews Ryan Herd, Founder and CEO of Caregiver Smart Solutions and author of Join the Smart Home Revolution about how technology can help make our loved ones lives better.





Mar 2021 Book Club Author Interview With Susan A. Marshall Author of “Mom’s Gone Missing”

Gary Edward Barg, Editor-in-Chief interviews Susan A. Marshall, author of the book Mom’s Gone Missing.  It is an interesting and a here's-what-unfolded book, a daughter’s experience with a father’s decade-long Alzheimer’s journey and a mother’s lightning fast dementia decline and both of their deaths.

The narrative includes sibling tensions, an array of healthcare, financial and legal decisions, reconciliation of lifelong hurts, and the emotional tsunami that surges through it all.

This book invites you in, encourages you to find familiar thoughts and emotions, and provides compassion for your worst moments, your rawest reactions, and your urge to laugh in sometimes inopportune moments.

This true story of a thoughtful writer’s journey with her parents is written with clarity, honesty, and vulnerability.  Its ultimate wish is to create a community within which to share stories and offer support.  You, in whatever stage of angst or pain, are welcome here.  Http://



Jan 2021

Caregiver Thought Leader Interview: Sabina Saksena, Founder of All Is Well

Editor-in-Chief Gary Edward Barg Interviews Sabina Saksena, Founder of the "All Is Well" service, which offer peace of mind to family caregivers.  "All Is Well" allows to you to monitor your loved ones safety and social well-being, as well as their emotional and physical health through a unique combination of the app, sensors and a team of dedicated care agents.  For More Information: 



Dec 2020

Caregiver Thought Leader Interview: Holly Carmichael COO GT Independence

Gary Edward Barg Editor-in-Chief interviews Holly Carmichael, Chief Operating officer of GT Independence, a financial management service provider. GT Independence helps over 25,000 Medicaid beneficiaries self-direct their care across the country. What that means is an individual receiving long-term services, typically through a Medicaid program, can select and hire their own caregiver of their choosing. Often, it can be a family member, a friend, but someone that they know and trust.



Dec 2020

Interview with Todd and Elizabeth Humbert, inventors of the Throne Buttler

Gary Edward Barg interviews Todd and Elizabeth Humbert about their new product, the Throne Buttler. Like every important invention to support caregivers, this one came from their own personal needs.  Todd and Elizabeth's fathers both had strokes which made the bathroom a potentially dangerous place, especially when using the commode.  Todd, a mechanical engineer and Elizabeth, a nurse created the Throne Buttler which slides over the existing commode, and by using hydraulics allowing for safer getting onto and lifting off of the commode.  Http://




Dec 2020

Caregiver Thought Leader Interview:: Joey Neal of Hero Health

Gary Edward Barg interviews Joey Neal, family caregiver and Vice President of User Experience at Hero Health, a technology innovation organization dedicated to overcoming the health challenges faced by our loved ones due to the potential of mismanaging their medications. They do with their Hero Pill Dispenser, which organizes your medications; lets you know which pills to take and when and allows for easy refilling of prescriptions.  This is an important and timely conversation as there are over 125,000 deaths annually due to medication mis-adherence.




Dec 2020

Caregiver Author Interview With Daniel West Author of “Falling Through the Cracks”T

Gary Edward Barg, Editor-In-Chief interviews Daniel West, a leading rehabilitation expert whose new book is a Caregiver BookClub selection.  "Falling Through the Cracks" helps you navigate hospitals and rehab settings, which can be tricky and downright dangerous for your loved ones and offers an expert's guide to the unseemly side of rehab errors and what every caregiver needs to know to avoid them.

Dec 2020

Caregiver Thought Leader Interview: Michael Bloch, Founder/CEO Pillar

Gary Edward Barg, Editor in Chief interviews Michael Bloch Foudner and Ceo of PILLAR. a new digital platform that helps people protect and care for their aging loved ones with a secure digital safe deposit box where you can easily store, organize and share your families important information such as financial accounts, legal documents, medical records and more.   

Nov 2020

Editor-in-Chief Gary Edward Barg interviews Aaron Blight, Ed.D., for his new book “When Caregiving Calls’.

Editor-in-Chief Gary Edward Barg interviews Aaron Blight, Ed.D., for his new book "When Caregiving Calls'.  Dr Blight is an international speaker and consultant on caregiving, aging, and healthcare. He is the Founder of Caregiving Kinetics and has been recognized as a “Top 100 Healthcare Leader” by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.

"When Caregiving Calls" is an invitation to a deep conversation about caregiving and its meaning for you. Dr. Blight has lived the caregiving experience in many ways — now he shares his insights in eighteen brief, thoughtful chapters that examine the many facets of caregiving.    "When Caregiving Calls" is a Caregiver Bookclub Selection

Nov 2020

Author interview with Caregiver Advocate Stephanie Erickson “Plan for Aging Well”

Founder and Editor-In-Chief Gary Edward Barg interviews Stephanie Erickson author of the new book “Plan for Aging Well”, which is a Today’s Caregiver magazine and Caregiving BookClub selection

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