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Dec 2019

Demystifying CBD for Family Caregivers with renowned expert Dr. Eric Dorninger

December 14, 2019

Gary Edward Barg, Editor-in-Chief talks with Dr. Eric Dorninger, a renowned functional medicine educator and Director of Research & Development for BLUESKY CBD about CBD and family caregivers.

Dr. Dorninger shares his passion for understanding inflammation and the multidimensional causes of autoimmunity, GI disorders, heart disease, pain syndromes, cognitive dysfunction and dementia.

His study of inflammation as “the root of all diseases” led Dr. Dorninger to dive deeper into the current medical literature on the cannabinoid pathways and the impressive effects of CBD in inflammatory disorders (headache, arthritis, brain/mood issues, cancer, etc.). He uses CBD oil regularly in his practice to address inflammatory symptoms based in deficiencies of the endogenous cannabinoid pathways.