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Nov 2019

Caregiver Holiday Board of Directors interview with Stuart Patterson CEO of Lifepod

November 25, 2019

Editor in Chief Gary Barg talks with Stuart Patterson, CEO of Lifepod, a 2019 Today’s Caregiver magazine’s Caregiver Friendly Award Recipient for the Caregiver Holiday Board of Directors series.

With LifePod, adult children and professional caregivers can now monitor, check-in on and support their parents and clients using a powerful yet intuitive proactive-voice service based on advanced voice technology and personalized by caregivers.  

LifePod’s Proactive-Voice Caregiver service provides caregivers with easy-to-use, two-way voice dialog templates such as: appointment and medication reminders, news/weather updates, periodic voice check-ins, control of smart-home devices and enhanced fall detection.  LifePod helps make it easier for our loved ones to live in the community longer and safer.  Visit for more information.