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Caregiver Podcast

May 2020

An interview with Ann (Nancy) Rhodes, APRN-BC, author of “Caregiver Success”

May 31, 2020

Gary Edward Barg, Editor-in-Chief interviews Ann (Nancy) Rhodes, APRN-BC, is a nurse practitioner who has worked in the home care and house calls setting for more than 40 years. She is the author of the new book “Caregiver Success” which provides practical medical tips and tools to solve common medical problems she regularly encountered in the home that could prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and suffering. 

“This 365-page, large print “tool” book covers the human side of aging by allowing the caregiving experience to be more fulfilling for the caregiver and the aging person. It also covers the most common medical problems an older person might experience in their later years.  For more information and to order the book.