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Nov 2017

Caregiver Thought Leader: Andrew Parker -Founder & CEO - Papa

Gary Barg interviews Andrew Parker, the Founder & CEO of Papa.

He and his cousin started the company to support a personal need with his grandfather. They recognized the extreme difficulty of managing his daily life and supporting his primary family caregiver. So they built Papa to support him and other seniors throughout the aging journey.

Papa provides on-demand personal assistance and socialization to seniors. Through the Papa mobile app, website, or by texting or calling we connect families to Papa Pals.


Nov 2017

Thought Leader Interview Eric Bustillo

Gsry Barg interviews Eric Bustello about important financial information every caregiver needs to know.

Eric I. Bustillo currently serves as the Regional Director of the Miami Regional Office ("MIRO") of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). As Regional Director, he is responsible for leading the functions of the MIRO, including the supervision of the office's Enforcement and Examination programs, which jurisdiction covers the States of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The MIRO employs numerous professionals, including attorneys, accountants, and examiners, as well as support personnel who are assigned to these programs.

Nov 2017

Author Interview: Caroline Sheppard

Gary Barg talks with Caroline Sheppard about her new book, When Family Calls: Finding Hope in the Chaos of Long-Distance Caregiving

Caroline H. Sheppard, MSW tells her story of how she answered the critical calls to help five different family members over fifteen years, including the emotional caregiving challenges, tips, and gifts, involved with long distance oversight of care.

Nov 2017

Dr. John Medina, Author Brain Rules for Aging Well

Gary Barg discusses Dr. John Medina's new book, Brain Rules for Aging Well

Nov 2017

Sara Merwin MPH and Karen Friedman, MD - The Informed Patient

Gary Barg discusses the new book, The Informed Patient, with authors Sara L. Merwin, MPH and Karen A. Friedman, MD

Nov 2017

Trish Williams Author While They’re Still Here

Gary Barg discusses Trish Williams new book: While They're Still Here

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