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Thought Leader Interview: Dr. Robert Levin

Robert W Levin, MD, is in private practice in rheumatology in Clearwater, FL. He is involved in clinical research in the areas of SLE, novel biologics for treatment of osteoarthritis and novel treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, gout and osteoporosis.


Caregiver Thought Leader: Andrew Parker -Founder & CEO - Papa

Gary Barg interviews Andrew Parker, the Founder & CEO of Papa.

He and his cousin started the company to support a personal need with his grandfather. They recognized the extreme difficulty of managing his daily life and supporting his primary family caregiver. So they built Papa to support him and other seniors throughout the aging journey.

Papa provides on-demand personal assistance and socialization to seniors. Through the Papa mobile app, website, or by texting or calling we connect families to Papa Pals.



Thought Leader Interview Eric Bustillo

Gsry Barg interviews Eric Bustello about important financial information every caregiver needs to know.

Eric I. Bustillo currently serves as the Regional Director of the Miami Regional Office ("MIRO") of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). As Regional Director, he is responsible for leading the functions of the MIRO, including the supervision of the office's Enforcement and Examination programs, which jurisdiction covers the States of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The MIRO employs numerous professionals, including attorneys, accountants, and examiners, as well as support personnel who are assigned to these programs.


An Interview with Ray Harris

Caregiver Thought Leader Interview Ray Harris President of Harris Communications, Inc.

Gary Barg: Why is it so important not to ignore hearing loss?

Ray Harris: That’s a great question. There are several reasons not to ignore hearing loss. First, it’s extremely frustrating not just for the person with hearing loss, but also their caregivers, their family and their loved ones. And second, it’s physically exhausting trying to follow along with conversations and often the person with hearing loss starts to withdraw from social settings and become isolated. Studies by John’s Hopkins University show that you’re about twice as likely to develop depression and anywhere from two to five times more likely to develop dementia if you leave your hearing loss untreated so there are many different reasons not to ignore hearing loss. more


An Interview with Gayle Tuttle

Caregiver Thought Leader Interview Gayle Tuttle Vice President of Market Innovation HAP Innovations, LLC

Gary Barg: I am honored to talk with you, as a 2017 Today’s Caregiver Friendly Award winner. I know that spencer just knocked out the judges. Can you tell me a little more about spencer and the role that technology plays in supporting caregivers when dealing with medication management?

Gayle Tuttle: Absolutely. And I think spencer's blushing right now with that compliment. So, thank you. I mention that he's blushing, I’m only partially teasing, since he is designed to be very engaging and interactive. more


An Interview with Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist

Caroline J. Cederquist is the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Silver Cuisine.

Gary Barg: Dr. Cederquist, you are a board certified Bariatric physician and your primary focus is on weight management. One challenge we have as family caregivers is that we have so little time to make sure loved ones get the proper nutrition. Is that why you created Silver Cuisine by BistroMD?

Dr. Cederquist: Yes, absolutely. People underestimate how much time it takes to eat well. Eating well will mean different things for different people, but usually you’re trying to get good quality sources of lean protein, without a lot of fat. The preparation of protein like chicken, fish, turkey, lean pork, is actually work. You have to buy it, make sure you cook it to the appropriate temperature, and make sure it’s not chewy to overdone.


An Interview with Steve Kaufman

Steve Kaufman is the CEO and Founder of Hands Free, Inc. The makers of Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes

Gary Barg: Steve, tell me about Quikiks Hand Free Shoes and why it's so important for family caregivers to know about them?
Steve Kaufman: Sure, Gary, thanks. Why is it important that caregivers know about hands free shoes? For many people it is a daily struggle to put on their shoes due to all sorts of conditions. Whether it be vertigo, obesity, chronic back pain, severe arthritis, Cerebral Palsy or Parkinson's—there's just a whole host of conditions that make it difficult for people to put their shoes on independently. 

An Interview with Fran Fisher

Fran Fisher is the creator of the Geri-Fit® program.

Gary Barg: I love the name of your organization, Geri-Fit. Can you tell me what Geri-Fit is and what it does?
Fran Fisher: It is basically just a shortening for Geriatric Fitness, so Geri-Fit. We are teaching older people how to stay fit and healthy well into their golden years, so they are able to enjoy life later on. That is what we are all about.

An Interview with Bryan Stapp

Bryan Stapp is the President of Medical Care Alert

Gary Barg:  What do we mean when we hear people say medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems? 

Bryan Stapp: What we are really talking about is a service primarily triggered by a button. The senior is going to wear a button on their wrist or around their neck.


An Interview with Camille Claibourne

A nationally recognized expert in nursing, thanatology and leadership. She is the author of two books: Dying in God’s Hands, which is designed to comfort the dying and their loved ones, and Purses & Shoes For Sale, which focuses on caring for elderly parents.