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Aug 2019

An interview with Shane Burcaw and Hanna Aylward about Living with SMA

In honor of August being SMA Month, Editor-in-Chief Gary Edward Barg interviews Shane Burcaw, 26 years old, an author, blogger and speaker living with SMA, who currently resides in Minneapolis, MN with his fiancée Hannah Aylward.

Shane and Hanna openly share details of their lives for the nearly half a million who follow their YouTube channel and in the name of changing the public perception of those with disabilities.

 Shane published his memoir Laughing At My Nightmare in 2014 and and a children’s picture book, Not So Different, in 2017.

 Together with his cousin Sarah, Shane also founded a nonprofit organization, Laughing at My Nightmare, Inc., which is committed to spreading positivity and helping others overcome adversity, while providing equipment grants to those living with Muscular Dystrophy.

Aug 2019

Interview With William Fleming, PharmD


In this episode, Editor-in-Chief, Gary Edward Barg interviews William Fleming, PharmD, is Segment President, Healthcare Services, where he is responsible for Humana’s clinical and pharmacy businesses that service all Humana segments.  He has a proven passion for using an entrepreneurial spirit in simplifying healthcare, providing value for consumers (both the patient and the physician), and developing high-performing teams that share the common goal of improving health outcomes and clinical quality.  

Aug 2019

Author interview: What does it feel like to die: Inspiring New Insights into the Experience of Dying. 

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief, Gary Edward Barg interviews the author of the new and extremely important book for Family Caregivers, What does it feel like to die: Inspiring New Insights into the Experience of Dying. As a long-time hospice volunteer, Jennie Dear has helped countless patients, families, and caregivers cope with the many challenges of the dying process. Inspired by her own personal journey with her mother’s long-term illness, Dear demystifies the experience of dying for everyone whose lives it touches. She spoke to doctors, nurses, and caregivers, as well as families, friends, and the patients themselves. The result is a brilliantly researched, eye-opening account that combines the latest medical findings with sensitive human insights to offer real emotional support and answers to some of the questions that affect us all.

Jul 2019

An interview with Kathryn Speer Shoaf (Smith) RN, BSN, ATP, Dementia-Friendly Travel Expert

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief, Gary Edward Barg interviews, Kathryn Speer Shoaf (Smith) RN, BSN, ATP, Dementia-Friendly Travel Expert, Supported Senior Travel, Accessible Group Travel Specialist, Owner/ CEO Kathy will also be leading the first-ever Fearless Caregiver Caribbean Cruise in March 2020 with Gary as keynote sailor.

Jul 2019

Interview with Cynthia Fantasia, author of: In the Lingering Light. 

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief, Gary Edward Barg interviews Cynthia Fantasia, a Caregiver Bookclub author whose book, In the Lingering Light is a valuable field guide for Alzheimer’s caregivers.  Cynthia Fantasia packs courage and faith to help sustain you on the uncertain road ahead. You will receive practical guidance throughout the progression of Alzheimer’s, stories from traveling companions, nuggets of truth to care for yourself along the way, and prayers to guide you. In the Lingering Light will become a treasured resource and reminder that you not alone. 

May 2019

Interview with Scott Foley

Actor and care advocate, Scott Foley, best known for his starring roles in TV's Felicity, Scandal, and now his new television program, Whiskey Cavalier has joined the Not on My Watch Ovarian Cancer Awareness Movement to highlight the family caregiver's important role in helping the loved ones manage recurrent ovarian cancer. 

Scott is sharing, for the first time, his personal story of caring for his late mother during her time with recurrent ovarian cancer. His mother had gone through multiple recurrences over four years with limited options available to her before succumbing to this devastating disease.

Apr 2019

An Interview with Malcolm Berman

Malcolm Berman is the director of Walabat HOME

Mar 2019

Being Smart about Fall Prevention

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief, Gary Barg interviews Patricia Brunn, a leading expert with 22 years in the fall prevention and anti-wandering support industry about one of the most important concerns we as caregivers face - Fall prevention and our senior loved ones.

Feb 2019

Interview with Dr. Harry Wingate, MD

Today, it's my honor to be talking with Dr. Harry Tripp Wingate, MD, a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, past Chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians Rural Emergency Medical Section, and medical entrepreneur. 

Jan 2019

An interview with Dr. Edward Smink, author of The Soul of Caregiving. 

 In this episode, Editor-in-Chief, Gary Barg interviews Dr. Edward M. Smink, Ph.D.  Dr. Smink is a Caregiver Bookclub author of a crucial book on caregiving called the Soul of Caregiving.   Dr. Smink has over forty years of experience in healthcare as nurse, crisis and pastoral counselor, executive leader, facilitator of mission, ethics, value and leadership formation and community health.   He is passionate about the universal values and archetypes that unite humankind and with his background in mythological studies, enjoys discovering the unique personal stories of each client that contribute to successful outcomes.